Additional features and benefits are expected in future releases.


Survey results give information on what is working and what is not. The cost of not getting this feedback and evaluating how services affect citizens far outweighs the cost of conducting surveys.  The challenge is conducting surveys in a way that engages citizens, rather than frustrating or alienating them.


Citizen Involvement is about improving community
and quality of life. 

“It’s not just a survey, it’s an ongoing community connection.” Implementing mobile survey best practices supports this connection.


There are all kinds of community apps emerging, including neighborhood apps like Nextdoor.  These applications are creating connections that would not happen otherwise, and they are making communities safer because of it.

Smart Surveys enable municipalities and governments to connect with their citizens in a new way that provides value for both parties. 


Mobile survey technology provides:

Increased citizen involvement.  Activities and information made available via a Citizen App is more accessible to a growing population of young people who are connected with their mobile devices.

Proactive notifications.  Citizens can receive proactive notifications about issues and activities that they are interested in.

ROI on Gamification.  Assuming the user experience is designed to be engaging and fun, more feedback and value can be gained because they like being involved and it’s enjoyable and informative.